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The interactive geographic data portals below give access to the latest project locations and status on recovery, reconstruction and development projects.

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Geographical Location: Central Iraq
Area: 4,555km²
Population: 8,126,755 people according to statistical estimates of 2018 Agriculture: Fruit trees , Sunflower , corn  
Industry:  food Industry, and leather, and vegetable oil  industry
Historic and tourist sites:  Tourist weddings Island , Baghdad tourist Island , Zora Tourism Park , Almadayin , Eaqriquf , Al Mustansiriya School , The Shrine  of the  Imams Musa bin Jaafar al _Kadhim  and  Mohammed bin Ali bin Musa ALjawad (Peace be upon them) , The Shrine of the Great Imam Abo  Khneifa AL Nu’man(May Allah be pleased with him), Catholic Lation Church , Armenian Orthodox Church

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