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The interactive GIS portal which gathers the latest information on damage and recovery projects. Access to this portal is restricted.

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Social Fund for Development

The Social Fund for Development (SFD) is established with a view to increasing the adequacy of institutional development structures and those that pursue poverty alleviation policies.

Reform of ration card system

The ration card is the safety valve in maintaining the food security of the Iraqi family. It is one of the longest public food distribution systems in the country. It was started in September 1990 during the period of economic siege imposed on Iraq.

Rehabilitation and settlement of informal housing communities

The problem of random housing is a phenomenon that spread widely and rapidly in most of the Iraqi cities after 2003, by the segments of the society to bypass the land owned by the state or the private sector to solve their housing problems by establishing small residential communities lack much.




Iraq is drawing its arms to the world in its fight against poverty through the policies and measures taken by the government in this area, which started since 2010 when it launched the first national strategy to reduce poverty for the period from 2010 to 2014, which was aimed at reducing poverty to 16%. Despite the challenges faced by the strategy, those based on executive management and with the assistance of all partners have managed to achieve more than 50% of the activities included in the strategy to reduce the poverty rate from 23% in 2010 to 15% in the first half of 2014 . Unfortunately, and as a result of compelling circumstances marked by the economic and security crises that ravaged Iraq and the resulting serious implications, poverty rates started to rise again due to the large waves of displacement and stopped thousands of investment projects, bringing the ratio to 22.5 in 2015. The following goals:

  • Creating opportunities for sustainable income generation
  • Empowerment and building of human capital
  • Establishing an effective social safety net

Six main components emerged:

  • Higher and sustainable income from work for the poor
  • Improving the health level
  • Improving the education of the poor
  • Adequate housing and an environment responsive to challenges
  • Effective social protection for the poor
  • Emergency response activities